Home Security Companies’ Guidelines To Keep You Home Safe

13/04/2012 23:25

Almost every day we see and hear news about a burglary happening somewhere in the world, we never give it much priority until it either happens to someone you know or it happens to you personally. They say experience is the best teacher but who wants their home to get burglarized just to learn the lesson that people should value safety in their homes?

Most people do not think they will be burglarized because they do not have a big house, they are not really rich, they have dead bolts and window locks, they live far from the highway and professional burglars do not have any interest for their considered valuables. This is where a lot of us have it wrong, most burglaries are actually occur in suburban homes in broad daylight and most burglars are actually teenage kids living in the same area. This is actually a threat because one, they know you and two they know the area. So how do you protect your home and keep it safe from potential burglars anyway? The following are some guidelines from home security companies that could help you ascertain the safety of your home.

First, you have to install a home security system. The purpose of this is when someone tries to enter your home without your consent an alarm is produced and police will come to your house within  a few minutes whether you are home or not. When you choose a hardwire security system always make sure to conceal the wires so these do not easily get cut. Two, think like a burglar and check your home for possible points of entry. This will reveal your weaknesses and will let you know which parts require the most security. Three, always make sure to have your home in lock down even if you are just going to walk your dog. Four, if you are in a new house always make sure to change all locks. Four, when you leave always make sure to make it seem that the house is occupied by keeping a TV or a radio switched on. Five, Opt for a dead bolt instead of a spring latch lock which can be easily detached. These are just some tips try to check your house to make it more safe.


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